We Are The EMDR Learning Community

Where EMDR therapists learn and grow together


A New Approach to EMDR Learning

  • Learning together is better. Participate in conversations and ask anything about EMDR without the noise of social media. 
  • Meet EMDR experts and authors. Each month, we will meet for live discussions with an author or an EMDR expert.  
  • It's free to join. We are a free community of practitioners who learn and grow our EMDR practice. Join us today!

Learn. Discuss. Connect. 

We are the EMDR Learning Community.

Meet the Experts

In the EMDR Learning Community, we learn and grow together. But that's not all. We connect with other like-minded therapists, and we meet the experts in the world of EMDR. 

With Dr. Debbie Korn and Michael Baldwin, authors of Every Memory Deserves Respect              

With Robin Shapiro, author of Ego State Interventions

Meet your Host

Rotem Brayer, M.Ed., LPC., Approved EMDR Consultant

I am an approved EMDR consultant and the founder of The Art and Science of EMDR. I have a deep interest in learning and growing as an EMDR practitioner. EMDR helped me transform so many lives that it ended up changing my own life. My mission is to create a learning community for EMDR therapists who want to connect, learn and grow together.

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